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Care Tips

       Polymer clay is incredibly durable. It can withstand drops (trust me - I’m clumsy!!) and the dangers of everyday wear. You may have even heard that it’s flexible - and it is! That bend-ability is dependent upon conditions such as the shape, thickness, and temperature of the piece. With that being said, please refrain from bending your clay - over time, it weakens the piece and it may eventually break or snap. To prolong the life of your items, follow these care tips and reach out with any further questions or concerns.  

For Polymer Clay:
  • To clean surface dirt or makeup, use a damp washcloth or baby wipe. 
  • Avoid wearing earrings when sleeping, showering, or swimming. Avoid leaving earrings in a hot place (like in direct sunlight). 
  • Store earrings in a dry, safe place (think jewelry box or stand) where they are not jumbled with other pairs - scratches could occur. 
  • Avoid bending clay pieces although there will be some flex. 
For Brass Components:
  • Store in a dry, non-humid environment. 
  • Avoid getting wet. 
  • All metals naturally tarnish. Water/humidity speeds up this process. 
  • To clean, use included polishing cloth to gently rub clean. For heavy tarnishing, try giving them a bath in ketchup (yes, KETCHUP!) and then wiping the excess away. Don’t put ketchup on the clay pieces. 
For Acrylic or Beaded Components:
  • Avoid bending. These pieces will not be flexible. 
  • To clean, gently wipe with damp cloth or baby wipe.